The Journey Home
A million miles away from home, YongSeop feels like he can’t get any further from it. But all hopes of going home is dashed when his spaceship crashes into an unknown planet, leaving him stranded with no way out.

The only other survivor is Jello, a goo humanoid they were studying on the ship. As Jello starts to fill the loneliness in his heart, they make the planet their second home, getting to know each other in intimate ways. Can they find a way off the planet, even if it means saying goodbye to each other?

The Journey Home is a gay furry romance novella set to be published in early 2021.
I designed a deck of cards inspired by the aesthetics of the Silver Serpent Casino. The cards are now on sale.
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A file converter that takes your Google Docs and exports them as PDF, docx, BBCode, HTML, markdown, and other file formats
The Twisted Writer is a project I did for April Fools' 2019 in collaboration with Kerac and Tano'rath. We claimed it was a story-writer powered by AI, and proceeded to let people generate stories (which will turn out to be mostly garbage).