Commissions are priced at per 1000 words, rounded down to the nearest 1000
Price per 1000 words
$25 USD
Singapore Discount
$32.5 SGD (fixed at a 1.3 conversion rate)
  • The Singapore discount is for payments made through PayLah, PayNow, or bank transfers only.
  • There will be no additional fees should I exceed the word count.
  • Multi-part commissions or long-term series will be priced differently, please contact me for more details.
Terms and Conditions
Last updated: May 18, 2019
  1. If the story contains mature themes, by commissioning me you confirm that you are of legal age within your country of residence or your relevant country.
  2. I reserve the rights to reject or cancel any commission with or without stating a reason.
  3. I will only start on your commission once I have received the full payment.
  4. You may cancel the commission and receive a full refund provided that I have not started on the commission.
  5. If by any fault of mine, I am unable to finish your commission, I will refund the full amount you paid.
  6. If the commission is complete, the payment is non-refundable.
  7. The commission queue may not follow the order of commissioning or payment.
  8. The time it takes to complete your commission depends on my schedule as well as the length and complexity of your commission. I will send you an estimate of when I can finish the story by. This estimate is not a deadline, and I may exceed this estimated date.
  9. If the commission needs to be done urgently or by a certain date, do inform me in your commission form. Additional fees may apply, depending on the schedule.
  10. You may request changes to the story any time before I have started writing it.
  11. You may only request minor changes to the commission once I have started, or finished writing it.
  12. If major changes are required, additional fees may apply.
  13. Once I have sent you the completed story for approval, you have 7 days to ask for changes. If you do not respond within 7 days, I will assume that you have approved the story, and proceed with uploading it to FurAffinity.
  14. After you have approved the story OR 7 days have passed since I have requested for approval, whichever comes earlier, the commission will be declared completed and I will no longer entertain any additional changes.
  15. I reserve the rights to change my prices anytime. However, if I have already accepted your commission, I will adhere to the original price we have agreed on.
  1. I retain the copyright to my stories. This applies even if (1) the characters belong to you, and/or (2) the scenario idea came from you. This means that I may print, publish, replicate, distribute it, as well as prepare derivative works from it for my own purposes. Derivative works may include published books, ebooks, and audiobooks.
  2. You may not sell my work in any form, be it in hard copy or digital form.
  3. You may upload the story on FurAffinity and/or other online platforms, provided the credits and a link to my FurAffinity profile are sufficiently visible.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, I do not own the icons or images used in the FurAffinity submission or story PDF.